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Brian M. Fitzgerald

Patent Attorney

  • Attorney at Law (CA)

  • Patent Attorney (US)

  • Southwestern Law School, J.D.

  • University of California, Irvine (B.S. Biological Sciences; B.A. Political Science)

Brian Fitzgerald is a registered patent attorney who focuses on patent prosecution. Brian has experience representing clients from a broad range of technical fields, including: mechanical devices, electrical switching mechanisms, software, semiconductor devices (e.g. LEDs/transistors/waveguides), material science-based inventions, 3D printers, agricultural air/gas distribution systems, medical devices, security systems, sound systems, haptic force feedback systems, animal containment systems, and ornamental designs.

Before joining the firm, Brian worked for over 10 years as a patent attorney, having experience working for both a boutique intellectual property firm and a larger general practice firm. In addition to his primary practice of patent prosecution, Brian also practiced litigation relating to patent and trademark infringement, as well as conducted patentability searches and generated opinions concerning patentability, conducted infringement searches and generated opinions of infringement/non-infringement, counseled clients regarding claim scope and IP portfolio strategy, drafted IP licensing agreements, drafted employment agreements relating to IP, and presented educational IP workshops for inventors at the behest of clients. In addition, Brian also helped secure a successful appeal at the Federal Circuit, reversing a CA Central District Court decision dismissing a case on grounds of noninfringement based upon alleged prosecution history estoppel.   

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