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James J. Park


  • Attorney at Law (IL)

  • Patent Attorney (US/KR)

  • University of South California School of Law, LL.M. 

  • Seoul National University (B.S. Electrical Engineering)

James J. Park focuses on preparing and prosecuting patent applications, and his technical areas covers extensive technical areas including signal processing, wireless communication, Video and Audio CODEC, Software, Network, and electric circuits. He has accumulated experiences for 15+ years preparing and prosecuting patent applications, evaluating patents with regards to technical standards, building and commercializing various patent portfolios.

Before founding the firm, James worked for start-up companies. He successfully built, managed and monetized patent portfolios related to technical standards including HEVC, Wi-Fi, WCDMA, LTE.

As a licensed patent attorney in Korea, he prepared and prosecuted domestic and foreign patent applications at patent law firms. As an outside patent attorney, he represented many Korean companies including ETRI, LG, LS ELECTRIC, and Samsung, regarding various technical fields including software, electric circuits, network, wireless communication and video CODEC.

He has years of experience as an SEP evaluator on behalf of MPELG LA. He evaluated essentialities of many patents for various standards including Video CODEC (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVC, VC-1), Blu-ray disc, ATSC, 3GPP LTE, WiMAX, RFID Standards.

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